Subway Terminal Trash

This is some lowpoly trash I created for an upcoming project. It is meant to be recently discarded trash, which is why it is not too dirty. All of the models also share a single color, normal and multifunction map. I created all of the labels myself using Illustrator and used Lorem Ipsum for the paper text. The Unreal Engine assets are all blueprints/prefabs.

Kevin autry turntable000
Kevin autry turntable006
Kevin autry turntable013
Kevin autry turntable023
Kevin autry terminal trash unreal1

Unreal Engine screenshot.
Trash can courtesy of Stacy Lloyd.

Kevin autry terminal trash unreal2

Unreal Engine screenshot.

Kevin autry terminal trash unreal3

Unreal Engine screenshot.

I went back and made an alternate map for the meshes, so items could also be presented as new.

Cooler courtesy of Logan Bailey.