80's Turtle Lair

(WIP) I am currently recreating the '87-'96 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) cartoon lair, but a 3D modeled, game ready version. While some episodes featured different sleeping arrangements within the lair, I plan on taking each of alcoves and decorating each of them for a different turtle, but leaving it in the same time era. There are also some additional props that will be incorporated into the scene, that can be found within various episodes, and some props that will need to be adjusted for realism. In the end my final project is planned to be a complete turtle lair imported into Unreal as a playable demo.

Kevin autry cartoon 80s beds resized

TMNT Turtle Lair Background by Stephen Robinson.

Kevin autry blocked uvd week9

Blocked out and mostly UV'd model of the bedroom section.

Kevin autry uvd lit texturing week11

Everything completely UV'd, added some lighting, and worked on some texturing (not all textured assets shown).

Kevin autry retextured

Everything was textured through a mixture of Photoshop, Mudbox & Substance Painter. I also added some light fog around the lamp.