Desktop Computer (Dull Workstation)

Tried to keep things as lowpoly as possible, having a total of 954 tris for the scene. I did add some extra geometry for the screen, just to make it easier to create different emissive maps. I also made different groups of polygons for the keys, just to make them stand out a little more. You will also notice I have created my own computer manufacturer brand name, Dull, just so there are no copyrighted products presented.

Desktop Computer Marmoset Viewer

Kevin autry computer front

Desktop Computer Front Render

Kevin autry computer front wireframe

Desktop Computer Front Wireframe Render

Kevin autry computer back

Desktop Computer Back Render

Kevin autry computer back wireframe

Desktop Computer Back Wireframe Render

Kevin autry inengine3

Unreal Engine Workstation 1

Kevin autry inengine4

Unreal Engine Workstation 2