(WIP) These are some of the props I created, to build out a level in Unreal for a game idea called "Verted". "Verted" is a side-scrolling action/adventure game, similar to Metroid, that requires the player to solve puzzles, in order to progress. All of these props are based on my friend Derrick Fowler's work, who created the concept art and idea for the game.

The props shown are:
Magbox - A magnetic box that can be sent to the ceiling or the ground, depending on the switch plate's pull.
Stunsword - The first and main melee weapon within the game.
Eyebot Activated and Eyebot Destroyed - The Eyebot is a floating robot enemy which has a green barrier shield around it, which can be destroyed by hitting it in the eye. It is made with light materials, so it can float, by using the fan underneath.
MegaCorp Tile Floor - Tile flooring within the MegaCorp underground labs.

Marmoset Viewer

Kevin autry verted props front blackbg

Magbox, Stunsword, Eyebots and MegaCorp tile floor

Kevin autry megacorp tile floor graph

MegaCorp tile floor Substance Designer

Kevin autry csw low angle render

MegaCorp cement tile walls I will be using

Kevin autry csw graph

MegaCorp cement tile wall Substance Designer Graph